Summer Breeze Hosta

summer-breeze-hosta-400Summer Breeze hosta is a medium to large hosta with bright yellow green heavy corrugated leaves. Find out more about this beautiful Zone 4 shade perennial.

Sometimes you have to wait a year or two for Hostas to strut their stuff!

The Hosta I Didn’t Need

Summer Breeze Hosta was almost a non-purchase for me! I guess you could say it was one of those “Peer Pressure” Purchases.

I was at a Garden Center looking at plants I didn’t need, and had checked out the Hostas and didn’t think too much of Summer Breeze, but just when I was looking at it, a friend that I hadn’t seen in a couple of years happened to come along and she mentioned she had heard it was a good specimen.

So, she picked out one for herself, and after we had chatted awhile, went to the checkout to purchase it. (I wasn’t finished looking yet for the Hostas I didn’t need.)

After looking at other things and picking out a couple of things, I walked back to the Hostas and also bought a Summer Breeze Hosta. If my friend thought it would be a good choice, I also ‘needed’ one for my collection!

The time line was maybe July of 2009. Last summer it did okay, but wasn’t that noticeable either in the bed where I had placed it. (It was busy putting down roots and didn’t have time to look pretty on top of the ground.)

It Performed Beyond Expectations!

Two years later (2011) it is way beyond any expectations! It has heavy substance leaves that are slightly corrugated, and the color remains all season.

It has a bright gold and chartreuse outer 1-2 inch margin and the center is a dark green and has a heavily substanced leaf.

It is on an East exposure, with the South sun coming in much more than what I would like during mid day but it didn’t seem to do too much harm to the leaves, some edge browning when it was so hot in July this year.

It is a Gorgeous specimen, even at this young stage, to say the least.

Summer Breeze Hosta Growing Info

It is a medium to large mound, from around 20” tall by 45” or more inches wide.

This performs well in Hardiness Zone 4.

It is a Tissue Culture Sport of ‘Summer Music’. It was introduced in 2000 from the Q & Z Nursery, in Illinois.It produces light lavender flowers in July on tall scapes.

As I read Mark Zilis’ book, The Hostapedia, there is another Hosta called Summer Concerto that has the opposite coloring that is also a sport of ‘Summer Music’ that looks to be worthy of a purchase too.

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Deborah N. Black June 8, 2015 at 3:12 pm

Thank you for this description of “summer breeze.” I just bought several at Vt. Flower Farm in Marshfield to brighten up my zone 4 woodland garden. I’m happy to learn of your website and look forward to reading more!


Judi June 8, 2015 at 5:20 pm

Hello Deborah,
I am happy you found my website too! Glad I could help out.


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