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Scarlet O’Hara Peony is a unique variety of peony that produces large red single blooms that are quite fragrant. It is suitable for a zone 4 northern garden. Find growing and planting information for this spring blooming perennial.

In early October of 2008 I attended the State Master Gardener Conference in Eau Claire, WI and in our bag when we checked in was a free gift of a Peony root from Khlem’s Nursery.

I didn’t think too much of it at the time, as I hadn’t had any Peonies for years and years in my yard.

At this same Conference, I purchased a raffle ticket for other items, and I was the lucky winner of another Peony root, amazingly the same variety, Scarlet O’Hara!

Well, I got them home and they laid around a week or so and I really couldn’t find any place to plant them, and I knew they had to get in the ground soon.

I decided I would add them to the edge of a large perennial bed for the winter and then could move them the next year after blooming time.

So, I put them both in the same spot I had hurriedly dug along with some compost in the bottom mixed in the existing soil.

Last spring, in 2009, I was amazed and I saw 3 beautiful red single blossoms! I was sold.  The stems stayed upright even though the plant was in partial shade.

This spring I was rewarded with about 10 blooms!

The single peony flowers aren’t so heavy as the old fashioned varieties and are also fragrant.

They started blooming when the bleeding hearts were starting to fade away so that is another plus for them.  They also come out a darker red and fade to a pink and white as they get older, so you get three colors of blooms.

They seem to be doing well where they are with part shade, but have the west sun from maybe 2 and on in the afternoon. The pictures say it all. And, I got them free!

This could be the start of a new love affair with Peonies.

Update spring of 2011….this year the clump had 26 blossoms and buds on it! We have had alot of wind and the stems are still upright.

Update spring of 2013……. I moved part of the clump last August to the new planting beds around the house and it was hot and dry so I watered about every other day and it did work, as this spring the new clump rewarded me with 6 blooms.  Next year even more!

Growing Information

Bright Red Single Flowers

Gorgeous Gold Center

Size: 2 1/2 feet tall

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