Sagae Hosta – A Garden Showpiece

sagae-hosta-leaf-400Sagae Hosta is an amazing semi-upright mound of yellow margined foliage. The hosta leaves are wavy and rippled on their edges. It is a garden showpiece.

The plant is gorgeous and the vase shaped specimen in the garden will be a focal point to catch everyone’s attention. It is great for a background plant behind smaller contrasting Hostas also.

I have seen mature clumps at 30 inches tall and they can get to 70 inches wide or more. It is suitable for my Zone 4 garden. Every year mine flourishes and gets more beautiful.

The margins will change over the summer to a creamy white if they have more sun, and if in more shade, will remain a more yellow/golden color. The leaves have a thick substance and are heart shaped. They are slightly corrugated.

It is considered a classic in many gardens.

I am partial to Vase shaped Hostas and have been very happy with the way this one performs.

Correct Pronunciation of Sagae Hosta

The correct pronunciation of this variety is as follows:

Syllabals: Sa – ga – e Pronunciation: sah – gah – eh

Source: Japanese Hosta Names

Hosta of the Year

Sagae was named Hosta of the year in 2000 by the AHGA (American Hosta Growers Association). It is listed as one of the best Hostas ever! The plant is named after the town where it was discovered in Japan.


This photo of Sagae was taken in early June. It looks quite elegant.


This photo of the Sagae Hosta was taken on Sept. 29, 2011. We have not had a hard frost but this is still looking very, very good! A good choice to buy! This is in half sun all summer.

Slugs do not like it as in late September I have very few holes of any kind on it. Even in half sun as where mine is placed, it is a trooper.

In late summer there are no burnt leaves at all, even after the hot weather we had all of July so a good one for a sunny exposure.

Similar Types of Hosta

Similar types of this Hosta are Regal Splendor and Yellow River. Both also excellent choices for your garden.

A sport of Sagae called Majesty, is even more magnificent, as is another sport called Liberty.

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