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garden-tour-22-300Perennials bloom year after year and can be the beginning of a beautiful garden. Learn which of my favorite plants work in a Zone 4 climate such as hosta, daylilies, sedum, and more.

When speaking of perennials, I will have to say that I love Hosta. But, somehow, over the years, I have accumulated other plants that are also worthy of a mention and work well in a Zone 4 climate.

Some I really like! Not like I love Hosta, but they all serve their own purpose!

I have some flowerbeds that are almost full sun but most are partial shade, so I have to choose which plants should go in which light.

Many times they are moved a second time (and a third) to find just the right spot for good growth.

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Perennials for a Zone 4 Climate


Blue Wonder NepetaOne bed (full sun) has Nepeta, “Blue Wonder” as a partial border. This is a shorter version of Nepeta, “Walker’s Low.” (Catmint).



Scarlet O' Hara PeonyScarlet O’Hara Peony is a unique variety of peony that produces large red single blooms that are quite fragrant. It is suitable for a zone 4 northern garden.



Bartzella PeonyBartzella Intersectional Peony has a large double yellow flower with a deep red center. This perennial is hardy in zones 3-9 and have many blooms during the spring and early summer.


This same bed has a Solidago, “Fireworks” (Goldenrod) in between two large boulders that starts to bloom in September. This variety does look like fireworks going off, and arching branches.


I have also found the fall pink Anemone tomentosa “Robustissima” (Grape-leaf anemone) to be a great value to the fall blooming perennials.

In our area it starts blooming about August 25th and continues for a full month of delicate pink blossoms. It took me three tries to get this one started, and now it sends shoots all over the flower bed.



Tardiva Hydrangea

Tardiva hydrangea is a shrub that has creamy white flowers that turn pink later in the fall. This zone 4 perennial grows up to 6 feet wide and 6 feet tall.


Daylilies are a great addition to most sunny beds, especially the smaller varieties that don’t need dividing so often as the larger varieties.

Look at the leaves when you purchase them, and if the leaves are an inch wide or more, they are definitely a larger variety. Of course, this may be the only way to get those big gorgeous blooms you want.

Some of the varieties of daylilies are also re-bloomers such as Stella de Oro and Happy Returns. There is also Rosy Returns, a pink variety and also a purple re-bloomer on the market. Check them out on the internet before you head to the garden center.


I love to use Lilium, in amongst the other perennials. The different varieties bloom from late June until late August. I have in the past, waited to plant the bulbs, keeping them cool, for a few weeks to have blooms later in the season.

fox-trot-lily-125The Foxtrot Lily is a bright pink hardy Asiatic lily that is suitable for Zone 4 gardens. It stands about 24″ tall and blooms in late June.



Salvias also add a distinctive blue or purple to the many colors of flower beds. Sometimes these have taken me many tries to get established, but finally I must have found the right soil and placement as now I have four different ones growing well.


Sedums of course, are the most excellent plant for the sunny dry area where things like Hosta will burn. Sedums are absolutely a low care plant that thrives in most conditions, but being a succulent, they are so great for the hot dry conditions. There is a wide variety of these to choose from.

Autumn Joy is an old favorite, but taking over my heart is one called Red Cauli. This one has actual red flowers that last a long time. Matrona is a great variety, with the mauve stems as well as the flower heads.

Purple leaved varieties are Purple Emperor, and African Sunset. Very different and striking alone or in mass plantings. Cauticola Sedum is another just adorable plant that only grows to 3” tall.

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Tra March 11, 2017 at 10:07 pm

One more that I love is Monarda or Bee Balm, especially the variety Jacob Cline. These are magnets for butterflies and humming birds.


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