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by Judi on January 28, 2014

Find planting ideas for hardy lily bulbs including Sunny After Eight, Sumatra, Strawberries and Cream, and more. Great for Zone 4 northern gardening. You can find other planting ideas for perennials here.

Last week I was searching through all the stored pictures on my computer and found the Garden Flower Folder to be of great interest in this very Wintery January.

The bright colors of the hardy lilies gives us all some hope that there will be lots of blooming things this summer again!

I do love all my Hardy Lilies as there is little you have to do for them to bloom each year.  There are short ones and tall ones and every height in between 14 inches and 60 inches.  The very tall varieties have tough stalks that can be 1 and 1/2 inches in diameter.  They are very tough to cut down in the fall!

As you will see in this posting, there are many Bright Pink Lilies.  I guess I have grown to like that color very well as they show up from way across the lawn.  My white lilies that I talk about in another posting also do a good job of being showy across the lawn.  White is also a great color for enjoying in the evening at dusk.  White of any flower will be sort of fluorescent at night.

On to the pictures!

Sunny After Eight LilySunny After Eight to the left is a nice shorter variety that blooms in late July.  It gets to about 15 inches tall so good for the front of the border.




SumatraThis one is a Hardy Lily called Sumatra and is a beautiful dark pink to fuchsia with a gorgeous white edge.  These get to about 20 inches tall.  This is one of my all time favorites.




Strawberries and Cream LilyThis bunch of lilies is called Strawberries and Cream and are about 18″ tall.  These are good to plant in large pots, or to put just one or two in the center of a pot.

You must lift the bulbs in the fall though and plant them in the ground if you want to keep them over winter.




Lake Carey Lily

This is another bright spot in the garden and is called Lake Carey.

It produces medium rose-pink
flowers and has a sweet, spicy fragrance. White
edges, darker center bands and grows from 3 to 4 feet tall. July is the time for this one to shine.


Leslie WoodriffLesslie Woodriff  has a back facing flower head, and I tend not to buy those, (just personal preference,) but this one is a show off in the garden.

It is a darker red center with white outer petals.  The center is golden yellow with green streaks. This is an Orniepet Lily and is not truly hardy to zone 4, but with Mulch over it in the winter, I have had this one for 3 years or so.


Dizzy LilyDizzy is by far one of the top varieties I have.  The bright pink centers first catches the eye and then you see all the little polka dots spraying out towards the white edges.  Dizzy is about the 24″ height.





A bit more help for your Hardy Lilies……there is a website called B & D Lilies where I get many of mine from and they have a superb site with so much information on growing Lilies.  They are located in Washington and so have many different growing conditions than here in zone 4, but  lilies are hardy for our zone, and their merchandise is exquisite.  They also have a blog post that you can sign up for and get growing and planting information on.



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