Lakeside Looking Glass Hosta

lakeside-looking-glass-2-300Lakeside Looking Glass Hosta is a perennial shade plant suitable for Zone 4 gardens. It has ruffled shiny dark green leaves and purple blooms in the summer.

Purchasing this Hosta was a must have from the first time I saw a picture of it in a Hosta Journal.

The dark green shiny waxy leaves with curling edges was a very unusual Hosta and something real different for my garden.

The pictures you see are of a plant that I have moved at least 3 times, each time finding more shade for it as even with the heavy textured leaves, they will burn if in too much sun.

So, even though it is maybe 5 years old, each time it is moved, it does get set back again. It does seem to recover each time; very well.

Some people that see it are unsure of how to react to the different looking plant, but I love it for that reason. It is a striking and unusual specimen plant.


Growing Information

Mature size is about 10 inches high by 20-30 inches wide.

Suitable for Zone 4 gardens.

For shade to part shade.

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