Komodo Dragon Hosta


Komodo Dragon Hosta is a zone 4 perennial shade plant that can grow up to six feet wide. It has large heavy dark green leaves that are quite slug resistant. Find more growing information on this Hosta.

Hosta ‘Komodo Dragon’ will grow to a large plant, with a height of 28″ tall and 72″ wide. They do get that large! Leave enough room for it when you plant it.(I seem to not always follow this advice and then have to move plants a time or two.)

As with many other of my Hostas, the one in the picture is already taking over the space it is in. I purchased it from a local Nursery about 4 years ago and it has grown by leaps and bounds each year.

Komodo Dragon has large impressive leaves of dark green that are of heavy substance and are slug resistant. The leaves are about 15” by 11” in size and the underside is glaucous. The leaves are very corrugated and textured.

The great light lavender flowers it has sprouted stand tall above the foliage in early summer.

It will mature to a very large, vase-shaped mound of dark green foliage.

This Hosta specimen is destined to be one of my favorites in the garden. It already has the Elegance look to it and is slug resistant.

Update on this Hosta…..July 2012….. This spring we did some home renovation and Komodo Dragon had to be dug and moved. I ended up with 3-12″ pots from this one plant and each pot had 30-40 leaves. This is only a 5 year old plant. So, be sure to leave plenty of room if you purchase this variety. It grows very fast!

Growing Information

Grows up to 28″ tall and 72″ wide

Dark green large heavy leaves that are corrugated and textured.

Suitable for Zones 3-9.

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