Jack of Diamonds Hosta

jack-of-diamonds-300Jack of Diamonds Hosta is a slow growing perennial that has bluish-gray textured leaves with a wide yellow margin. It is a shade perennial suitable for zone 4 Northern climates and adds a nice amount of interest with its variegated leaves. Plant this where you need a bit of interest to break up a lot of solid green leaves.

This Hosta is a slow grower. But as you can see from the picture, it was worth the wait. The picture shows a mound of actually 3 plants that I purchased about 8 years ago.

It has a bluish-gray hint to the textured leaves with a wide yellow margin. The leaves are thick and heavily textured.

It forms a wonderful mound of overlapping leaves which are slug resistant and about 6″ wide by 7″ long. The size of it is a medium size of about 16 inches tall and can get to 35” wide.

The white flowers are low on the plant and very abundant. I ordered it via mail order from House of Hosta along with other Hosta varieties. They sometimes will have a lesser price if you purchase 3 of one variety and this is what I did.

This is a variety of Hosta I have that I haven’t grown to appreciate so much until writing this description for the website. It is pretty well pristine in Mid-July.

That is one of the best ways to judge a Hosta and whether you should take it home is look at the variety in a growing bed in a nursery in late July and August.

If there are few holes from insects or slugs and it is not sun burnt, then grab it up!

This is also one of the few Hosta varieties I have that hasn’t outgrown it space! Sometimes slow growing is good.

Growing Information for Jack of Diamonds Hosta

Suitable for zones 3-9.

Grows to a medium size. About 16″ tall and up to 35″ wide.

Slug resistant.

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