Favorite Gardening Magazines and Books

majesty-hosta-300This is a few of my favorite gardening magazines including hosta and perennial publications. These are the magazines I currently subscribe to as they are suitable for zone 4 gardening.

If you are like me, you probably subscribe to more than a few plant magazines in order to get ideas for your landscaping and perennial beds.

I have subscribed to many over the years, but found I needed to cull the list down in order to be able to keep up with the reading.

Below are my favorite plant and gardening magazines that I look forward to reading each time they show up in my mailbox. Of course, I am always on the lookout for new ones too!

Hosta Journal Magazine

Hosta Journal MagazineHosta Journal Magazine

Each time I receive a new issue of the Hosta Journal it definitely puts me in the gardening mood! It is a wonderful publication that the American Hosta Society publishes 2 times a year with very superior articles on Hosta, and new registrations of Hostas.  And, now the AHS Hosta News is on line also.

The magazine has articles written by well known Hosta breeders going into detail on many subjects about everything and anything that is happening in the Hosta world.

Oh, did I mention the best pictures ever? Pictures of display gardens, close up pictures of new Hostas as well as “old” hostas and many of the display gardens at the Convention each year.

Other articles too on the miniatures.  I have always had a love for the tiny teeny Hostas, and now it seems they are more popular than ever!

The cost is minimal at $30.00 a year for a membership to the American Hosta Society. Visit the website,

American Hosta Society and see what is offered. The Journals are well worth the membership price weather you are a new or old Hosta buff.

Northern Gardener Magazine

Northern Gardener MagazineNorthern Gardener Magazine

A VERY FAVORITE Garden Magazine of mine is Northern Gardener.

It is published in Minnesota and is a publication of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society. It is an excellent magazine to say the least.

The articles are written by Zone 4 gardeners, some very big names that write for Northern Gardener each month. I have heard some of the contributors speak locally at Master Gardener Seminars and that makes each article even better.

The articles are longer than most magazines and go into depth about each subject telling the what to do and what not to do of the subject at hand. They will also deal with why the author likes or does not like how a plant performs and gets into specific varieties that do best for this area.

Other magazines print way too many articles on plants that only have two or three paragraphs talking about the subject.

Articles in the magazine will be about new varieties of vegetables, flowers, shrubs, trees and what makes these varieties better for Northern Gardens.

There are articles on Volunteers and Children’s Gardens, and composting, organic gardening, and design of course. Landscaping is a favorite and anything that sends out blooms too! Water Fountains and Rain Gardens are a new favorite of many people.Of course, the subjects are endless.

You can subscribe to this magazine by going to Northern Gardener Magazine. You don’t have to be a member of MSHS to order the magazine.

The cost of the magazine is $34.00 per year and it is worth every cent!

Wisconsin Gardening Magazine

Wisconsin Gardening Magazine

Wisconsin Gardening MagazineThe Wisconsin Gardening Magazine is one that I just recently found out about and is a new publication that began in 2012. It is published every other month.

The articles are well written and there are many on perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs, Nighttime Gardens, vegetable gardens, pests in the gardens, weeds, and anything else garden related you can think of!

The articles are written by gardening experts such as authors of Gardening Books, Curators of Public Gardens, Master Gardeners, Horticulture Instructors, Extension Agents, etc.

It is a magazine for Zone 4 and Zone 5 gardens since the southern part of our state in zone 5.

To order a subscription, go to Wisconsin Gardening Magazine. You can order on-line, or you may call toll free 888-265-3600. Happy Reading!

B & D Lilies

IMG_5394  B & D Lilies





This is not a magazine as such, but a catalog from B & D Lilies in Port Townsend, WA.

I purchase many of the Hardy Lily Bulbs from them that are in my gardens and they are some gorgeous specimens when they come into bloom.  The bulbs from them are very large and high quality.  You can go on line to see more and can sign up for their e-mails also to get notices when they have sales, as well as tips on growing Hardy Lilies.

Field Guide to Hostas Book by Mark Zilis

[EDIT]This book is a thick 428 pages and full of so much information on the growing of Hostas.  It is done in alphabetical order and has great descriptions of the different varieties of Hosta.  It is a great book to take along to a nursery while you are shopping for Hosta.  It describes many of the good solid older varieties too.  It would be a great gift for anyone loving perennials!

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wylene Edwards May 21, 2017 at 11:10 pm

Can I use bloom booster on aphrodite hosta? Thanks


Judi August 4, 2017 at 1:02 pm

Hello Wylene, I apologize for not answering this. I must not have seen it, as I usually answer questions right away. However, I do not have any experience with using bloom booster on hostas. I had never thought of it! You could experiment one year and see what happens. Happy Gardening, Judi


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