Foxtrot Lily Perennial



Foxtrot Lily is a bright pink hardy Asiatic lily that is suitable for Zone 4 gardens. It stands about 24″ tall and blooms in late June.

The Bright Pink color of this Lily is hard to beat. It is one of the first Hardy Lilies (Lilium) to bloom in my gardens and I have 3 or 4 clumps in different beds brightening up the landscape.

This is an Asiatic Lily and is about 24 inches tall. It blooms in late June with flowers facing up.

They are great for cut flowers and last a long time in water. Sometimes up to 2 weeks. Cut off the spent blossoms each day. The buds on the stalk will continue to open indoors.

Do not cut too far down on the stem when cutting for arranging, as the bulbs get their nourishment for next year from the leaves left on the stalk. I usually go about 1/3 of the way down, or just far enough for the vase I will put them in.

I have recently read that taller varieties, those over 36″ tall, are the best for cutting as there are so many more leaves left on the stalk to feed the bulb for the following year.

With Hardy Lilies, if you leave them in the garden to bloom, after they are finished blooming cut (deadhead) off the flower stalk just below where the blossoms were. You want to cut this off because they will produce seed pods and that takes away the nutrients from the bulbs to put out nice blooms for the following year.

This also makes a nice neat stalk of leaves that still looks nice in the garden. The leaves left on the stalk make food for the bulb for the next years bloom.

Growing Information

Suitable for zone 4
About 24″ tall
Bright Pink Flowers
Blooms late June
Flowers face up

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