Bridegroom Hosta for your Zone 4 Shade Garden

bridegroom-hosta-300‘Bridegroom’ Hosta features satiny dark green leaves that taper to slender upturned tips making the leaves look almost triangular. Use this perennial in a shady spot in your garden.

The leaves stand upright and are elongated and have wavy edges with upturned tips, and this is what makes it so unusual.

This Hosta caught my eye at a local nursery a couple of years ago because it was so different. I did a double take and asked the owner about the Hosta because prior to my trip to the nursery, I had not heard of this unusual looking Hosta.

The owner said that this was indeed an upcoming popular Hosta to have and when small most just pass it on by, but I was looking at a 3 year old plant in this bed.

‘Bridegroom’ stood out from the rest, and said, “buy me!” and I had to take it home (along with a few others too!)

I enjoy pointing out this specimen plant to anyone visiting my gardens for the unusual leaf. Most look at it with wary eyes, not knowing if they like it or not at first glance.

Growing Information for Bridegroom Hosta

Mature size is about 15″ tall and 30-36″ wide.

Best for full shade, but can handle limited sun.

Suitable for Zone 4 gardens.

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