Aphrodite Hosta with Fragrant Blooms

Aphrodite HostaAphrodite Hosta is a zone 4 perennial shade plant with large, white fragrant flowers that blooms in mid-August. Find growing information for this Hosta and other resources.

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of beauty, and until about a week ago, I had totally forgotten how gorgeous the ‘Aphrodite’ Hosta is when it blooms.

During the spring and summer months, ‘Aphrodite’ is a plain Jane shiny green leafed hosta that most people just pass on by and don’t give a second glance. I don’t think anyone ever seeing this here, has ever said, “Oh, My, What a Pretty Hosta!”

But in mid-August, if you are lucky, it comes alive with very large pure white fragrant blooms that are 6″ long and 4″ wide and with what seems to be a double flower no less!

It Blooms!

The ‘Aphrodite’ that I have is maybe 10 years old and hasn’t bloomed for at least 3 years, but this past summer, of 2010, with all the rain we had, there must have been the right conditions to send out gorgeous double blooms. I have it in quite a shaded area, but there must be enough late afternoon and evening sun shining down on it to bring the buds out.

I had considered moving the plant this year but sure am glad I ran out of time and left it in place to be able to see these beautiful blooms again.

In the spring 2010 issue (Volume 41, number 1) of the Hosta Journal there is an article by John J. Smead that talks about just that, the much needed moisture this variety needs as well as enough sun light. He goes into detail his trial and errors in growing this specific Hosta. Read more here.

My ‘Aphrodite’ Hosta matures at maybe 18″ tall by 24″ wide. This of course, as with all plants depends on conditions. Mine competes with tree roots and so maybe isn’t as large as it could be. The blooms stand out and above the shiny green leaves and offer a stark contrast with the pure white blooms.

The buds open slowly over a couple of days for even longer enjoyment, and there are many buds on the flower stalks for at least 2-3 weeks of enjoyment.

I will certainly be watering this specimen a lot more in dry years to see these gorgeous blooms in mid-August when there is not much else blooming.

Growing Information

Mature size is about 18″ tall and 24″ wide.

Aphrodite Hosta have white fragrant blooms that are 6″ long and 4″ wide.

Best for full shade, but can handle limited sun.

Suitable for Zone 4 gardens.

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